What is the draft CMP about?

    The purpose of the CMP is to set the long-term strategy for the management of the estuaries to improve and maintain their environmental, social, cultural and recreational values and manage the current and emerging issues.

    How was the draft CMP prepared?

    Along with technical studies, the Draft CMP has been developed in consultation with the community and key stakeholders. From 2020 to mid 2022, we invited the community to share their thoughts and feedback via surveys and interactives workshops.

    In consultation with the community, we identified and developed a list of potential management actions to address the issues identified in Stage 2 and were involved in identifying opportunities, ranking and prioritising options in developing a suite of Draft management actions for the CMP.

    Following the consultation and technical studies an initial list of potential management actions has been developed. The draft CMP outlines the actions to be implemented, including the responsibilities, timing, and cost. The plan was developed during late 2022.

    Management actions include activities related to:

    • land use planning
    • foreshore management
    • stormwater and water quality outcomes
    • and environmental monitoring.

    How will the CMP be implemented?

    The CMP will involve the ongoing implementing the actions over a 10-year period.
    The CMP will enable the funding and implementation of projects that will provide tangible benefits to the local community - through maintaining healthy ecosystems and biodiversity, protecting public assets from current and future hazards and ensuring safe and sustainable access to the estuaries.

    It’s important to be aware that any management actions for the estuaries contained in the final Program will be dependent on the availability of future funding and resources and are shared across a number of different agencies.