What is the purpose of the Planning Proposal?

    This Planning Proposal applies to land at 95 and 97 Pacific Street, Corindi Beach. The subject land is located on the north-eastern edge of the village of Corindi Beach, and is accessed by Solitary Islands Way and the local road network. Currently the subject land is zoned RU2 Rural Landscape under Coffs Harbour Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013. This Planning Proposal describes the proposed development of the subject land for residential, tourist accommodation and local retail/commercial purposes.

    The Planning Proposal describes amending certain parts of the subject land from RU2 Rural Landscape to:

    * R2 Low Density Residential which will provide a maximum of approximately 33 new low density residential allotments;

    * R1 General Residential facilitating a proposed motel development of approximately 4600 sqm; and

    * B1 Neighbourhood Centre, to provide for approximately 6100 sqm of land zoned for retail/business purposes.

    Other LEP maps which are proposed to be amended (consistent with the proposed change to the land use zones) are the:

    * Minimum Lot Size map; and

    * Floor Space Ratio map.

    What is the purpose of the Draft DCP mapping amendments?

    The purpose of the proposed amendments to the DCP Mapping is to ensure appropriate planning controls will correspond with the proposed land use zones described by the proposed LEP Amendment. The relevant maps contained within the DCP are the density map, front building setback map, and side/rear building setback map.

    What is the background to this project?

    On 27 April 2017, Council resolved to exhibit a Planning Proposal (PP_2017_COFFS_002_00) applying to 97 Pacific Street, Corindi Beach pending endorsement by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE). The Planning Proposal facilitates an amendment to Coffs Harbour Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013  to permit Low Density Residential development, Tourist development (a motel site) and an extension to an existing neighbourhood scale commercial/retail centre.

    The DPE issued a Gateway Determination on 6 June 2017, which endorsed the exhibition of the Planning Proposal subject to conditions. The property of 95 Pacific Street, Corindi Beach has been included in this Planning Proposal to comply with the conditions of the Gateway Determination.

    On 8 February 2018, Council resolved to exhibit amendments to the maps contained within Coffs Harbour Development Control Plan (DCP) 2015 which are relevant to this Planning Proposal.

    The documents which are on exhibition are:

    • Planning Proposal PP_2017_COFFS_002_00: 95 and 97 Pacific Street, Corindi Beach: Version 2 Public Exhibition (February 2018);
    • Coffs Harbour Development Control Plan (DCP) 2015 – proposed DCP mapping amendments;
    • Background information, including Environmental Studies which inform the Planning Proposal, the relevant Council Reports, Council Minutes and the Gateway Determination.

    All documents are available to view in the document library.