July 2022 → February 2023

Preliminary earthworks and construction of Skate Park and Multi-Purpose Court

Council's Coastal Works division to undertake preliminary earthworks and drainage. VFG Skateparks to construct new skate plaza and multi-purpose court. Note: Timeframe is subject to weather and other impacts.

April → June 2022

Completed: Detailed designs Skate Park and Multi-Purpose Court

Contractors VFG Skateparks to complete detailed design of multi-purpose court and skate plaza, with input from local skate industry specialists.

04 August 2021

Concept Plan Approved for Community Hub and Active Youth Space

Coffs Coast Regional Park Trust Board has approved the concept plan for the Sandy Beach Reserve Community Hub and Active Youth Space. The next stages are detailed design and construction.

25 June → 23 July 2021

Public Exhibition and Consultation Stage 2 Community Hub and Active Youth Space

March → April 2021

Review and Assess Community Workshop Ideas, Feedback and Other Submissions

The ideas, comments, submissions and suggestions from the community at the March 10, 2021, community workshop will be reviewed and a assessed, along with input from government agencies and other authorities, to inform preparation of draft concept plans for the Active Youth Space and Community Hub. Concept plans will later be placed on public exhibition for a period of not less than 28 days, for further community comment.

10 March 2021

Community Workshop - Preliminary Planning for Active Youth Space, Community Hub and Parking

*Sandy Beach Reserve, any time from 4pm to 6pm. Staff will be located near the barbecue and picnic facilities, middle car park. Please Register to attend, on this project page. Note: This is a Registered CovidSafe event. Check In is required prior to entering the event site. Please do not attend if you are feeling unwell, If you have visited any COVID-19 hotspots in the previous 14 days or have had contact with anyone who is from a hotspot location. We will provide hand sanitiser and will ensure social distancing measures are being followed. 

*If the event is cancelled, those who Register on this page will be contacted by email and invited to contribute to an alternative, online survey to inform concept planning.

08 November 2017

Sandy Beach Reserve Masterplan 2017 is Adopted

The Sandy Beach Reserve Masterplan 2017 was officially adopted on November 8, 2017, by the Coffs Coast Regional Park Trust Board. Concept plans for more detailed designs of elements of the Masterplan are developed in consultation with interested residents as funding becomes available to implement the various stages of the Masterplan.

January → October 2017

Community Consultations and Agency Liaison to Prepare Sandy Beach Reserve Masterplan

The 2017 community consultations to design the Sandy Beach Reserve Masterplan involved a series of three open public workshops at Sandy Beach Public School, separate workshops with school students, presentations and two online surveys, including a public exhibition period during which additional public submissions were invited and received.