What consultation has been done for this project?

    Extensive consultations were undertaken through 2017 to develop the Sandy Beach Masterplan 2017. 

    A summary of the consultation process is contained within the Background Document, located in the Documents section of this web page.

    This process included a series of community workshops at the Sandy Beach Public School, in addition to consultations with local school children, and online surveys.

    A community workshop was held on March 10 on site this year, to gather community priorities for the concept design for the Community Hub and Active Youth Space components of the Masterplan.

    NSW Police and skate specialists have also been consulted in the concept design process.

    Why is Council moving the existing car park and is it smaller?

    The existing car park is being relocated to assist with passive surveillance and develop a clear accessible path network throughout the site that connects to the wider reserve and Sandys Beach Drive. 

    Locating the car park closer to Sandy Beach Drive provides opportunity for high passive surveillance reducing the likelihood of overnight camping.

    The existing car park is unmarked. If formally line-marked, it would allow for 37 car parks and future expansion is limited due to drainage restraints. The proposed new car park has 20 car parks including 2 accessible spaces, with allowance for future growth as needed. It will also afford Council the opportunity to address drainage concerns at the site. 

    What does multi-purpose court mean?

    A multi-purpose court is essentially a hard-stand area that can be used by many different user groups. It will include a removable hoop with backboard and linemarking for half-court basketball and games such as handball and hopscotch.

    The multi-purpose court has been designed to create a spontaneous play opportunity for children, youth and community without dependance on expensive equipment. From offering a space for littlies to learn to scoot, youth to play ball games to a central gathering space for community events connected to an accessible pathway network. 

    How big a skate park is it? Is it like Brelsford?

    In short, no, it is not planned to be like Brelsford Park skate park. 

    Community consultation during the Sandy Beach Reserve Masterplan process in 2017 showed a desire by the local community for a small skate area within Sandy Beach Reserve. 

    In keeping with the context of the site, and designed for entry level users, this will be a flow and surf style skate park with low skate features for a variety of users; skate, board, scoot and bike. 

    Please refer to the concept plan, Sandy Beach Community Hub Background Document and indicative imaging for more details. 

    Has the amenity of neighbouring residents been considered in the design?

    Yes. Part of developing the design for the Sandy Beach Community Hub & Active Skate Park involves applying the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). 

    The principles of CPTED have driven where key elements of the design have been located on the site (i.e. the car park, skate park and playground) to reduce the potential for anti-social behaviour, and also influenced what form these elements will take. 

    For example; the skate park and multi-purpose court are located opposite the Sunken Chip Café, easily viewed from Sandy Beach Drive, providing opportunity for high passive surveillance. Elements within the skate park are to be low skate features to ensure adequate surveillance, and all seat locations can be easily viewed from outside the community hub. 

    The design has been developed with input from you, the community, to ensure we are providing a place that represents your needs and aspirations of the site, and encourage people to meet, play and gather; building community.

    For further detail on CPTED Principles and how they have been implemented in the design please refer to the Sandy Beach Community Hub Background Document. 

    Will the existing toilet block be upgraded as part of these works?

    No. Upgrading the existing toilet block is outside of the current scope of works for the Sandy Beach Community Hub & Active Youth Space.