01 June → 31 July 2019

Review of Masterplan following consultation period

26 September → 26 September 2019

Council resvoled to adopt the Ayrshire Park Boambee Masterplan - Final

On Thursday 26 September 2019 the Ayrshire Park Boambee Masterplan - Final was presented to Council for endorsement. Council resolved to:
1. Adopt the Ayrshire Park Boambee Masterplan
2. Consider capital improvements outlined in the Masterplan against other funding priorities within future delivery programs.
3. Notify Council's decision to those that made a submission to the draft Ayrshire Park Boambee Masterplan.
The Motion was carried unanimously.
15 April 2019

Consultation opened

11 May 2019

Consultation Event at Ayrshire Park

Consultation event
Sat 11 May
9.30 - 12.00
at Ayrshire Park

Review the masterplan, talk with representatives from the Ayrshire Park Management Committee and Coffs Harbour City Council and Have Your Say on the Draft Ayrshire Park Masterplan
28 May 2019

Consultation closed

11 April 2019

Council endorsed community consultation of the Draft Ayrshire Park Boambee Masterplan