What are the proposed changes?

The proposed DCP amendments relate to two matters as follows:

  1. Controls for ancillary outbuildings in residential zones; and
  2. DCP Maps;

Ancillary Outbuildings

The proposed amendments incorporate controls associated with ancillary ‘outbuilding(Sheds) development in Section D3 Residential and D5 Tourist Development components of DCP 2015, relating to R1 General Residential, R2 Low Density Residential, R3 Medium Density Residential and R4 High Density Residential zones to achieve and facilitate sound development outcomes and minimise any potential impacts on adjoining properties.

These controls propose to restrict the size of outbuilding development in residential zones to: 

  • 45m² if the lot has an area of at least 450m² but less than 600m²; or 
  • 60m2 if the lot has an area of less than 900m2; or 
  • 100m2 if the lot has an area of 900m2 or greater. 
(Note these controls were included in the previous DCP 2013 and are considered appropriate as they represent approximately 10% of land).

DCP Maps

The proposed amendments to the DCP maps seek to apply consistent density and setback controls to Lot 1 DP 777555, Hamilton Drive, Boambee East reflecting recent changes to the land use zones applicable to this site as a result of the MI Organics Planning Proposal.

For further information in relation to the MI Organics Planning Proposal please read a copy of the Council Report and resolution on this matter in the Document Library.