What properties does the draft DCP 2015 Amendment relate to?

    Draft DCP2015 Amendment No.13 (Housekeeping 4) relates to Lots 32-35, DP1237515, known as 2-8 Cobia Close, Korora

    What prompted the proposed changes?

    Council, at its Ordinary Meeting of 9 May 2019, resolved to release a ‘restriction on use’ and to amend setback controls applying to Lots 32-35, DP1237515, known as 2-8 Cobia Close, Korora, to address perceived amenity issues from adjoining landowners that could result from future development on the land.

    At that meeting, it was resolved:

    1. Agree to release the “restriction on use” that affects Lots 32-35 DP 1237515 known as 2-8 Cobia Close, Korora and as a matter of planning policy, implement a 5m rear setback for Lots 33-35 DP 1237515 known as 2-6 Cobia Close, Korora, and implement 3m front setbacks and a 5m side (east) and 5m rear (south) setback for Lot 32 DP 1237515 known as 8 Cobia Close, Korora and thereby amend Coffs Harbour DCP 2015 accordingly.
    2. Agree that all costs associated with this matter will be the responsibility of the proponent.
    3. Agree to execute under seal, if necessary, any legal documents that maybe required to effect release of the restriction.

    What are the proposed changes?

    The proposed amendments to the written controls within the DCP 2015 are provided in Attachment 1 (See Document Library for PDF or use the following Link for amendments in Councils ePlanning Software). Specifically, the amendments refer to exceptions to the standard setback controls for Front Setback Controls and Side and Rear Setback Controls for  Residential Development.

    Associated changes to the spatial Front Setbacks Map and Side and Rear Setbacks Map within DCP 2015 will be exhibited electronically (See Important Links - Draft Map Amendments)