Why is Council Upgrading Diamond Head Drive?

    Diamond Head Drive is not heavily trafficked by vehicles but does act as the main link to the beach for cars, buses, garbage trucks and pedestrians. 

    The current road is narrow, with poor road drainage, no kerb and gutter and limited parking because of poorly shaped open drains.  By completing this upgrade the entire length of Diamond Head Drive will be kerb and guttered.

    Council also aims to slow traffic through the road design. 

    Why has the northern side been chosen for the green link to the beach?

    The southern side of the road has overhead power lines, which restrict street tree planting.  It also already has a narrow footpath. 

    Will a cycleway be provided?

    Yes. A shared 2.5-metre wide concrete cycleway/footpath is to be built on the northern side of the road. This will most likely be located near the property boundary.

    How will the road upgrades impact parking?

    On-street parking is currently limited by open drains and the narrow verge. Option 2 (selected by the community) provides designated concrete parking areas between the kerb and gutter and the concrete paths. 

    Will residents be charged for the works?

    Landowners adjoining the works in Diamond Head Drive will be charged a subsidised contribution towards the new kerb and gutter. The rate for this as outlined in the 2017/18 Fees and Charges is $104 per metre for properties fronting the work. The rate is reduced to $52.50 for side boundaries adjoining the work at street intersections. 

    There will be no charge for any of the pavement, stormwater or shared pathway works. 

    * In new subdivisions, Council requires developers to install kerb and gutter and footpath. These costs are passed on to the property owners through the land purchase price. Landowners in older subdivisions are now being subsidised by Council when kerb and gutter is constructed as part of road upgrades.

    What happens to my driveway entrance?

    Should Council need to alter driveways between the road pavement and the property boundaries, they will be replaced “like-for-like”. For example, gravel approach is replaced with gravel; concrete with concrete.

    What are the project benefits?

    • Increased green area, allowing for larger street trees to be planted.

    • Slowing of traffic speed.

    • Improved driveway grades from the new kerb and gutter.

    • Reduced cost to build and maintain pavement.

    • Maintains or increases parking.

    Is this work linked to the Sandy Beach Reserve Masterplan?

    No. Diamond Head Road Upgrade is jointly funded by the federal government’s Roads to Recovery program and Council’s Special Rate Variation funding.  The project does link kerb and gutter and stormwater drainage into existing kerb inlet drainage in Sandy’s Beach Road. 

    When will works take place?

    It was hoped work would start in October 2017, however, additional investigations including a cultural heritage study are now required. Council will also liaise with residents along Diamond Head Drive works locations to design landscaping and locate the bus stop. It is expected that major works will start early in 2018.

    How are works staged?

    1. Stage 1 involves renewing an existing water main on the southern side of the road, followed by installation of the new stormwater drainage infrastructure. 

    2. Stage 2 requires excavation of the existing sub-standard road pavement and replacement with road base that achieves AusSpec depth and quality standards. 

    3. Kerb and gutter will be constructed and gravel placed on the road.

    4. The road will then be sealed with a bitumen spray seal and overlayed with asphalt. 

    5. Old road base will be used to backfill behind the kerb and gutter.

    6. Driveways and pathways will then be constructed. 

    7. Final stages are planting of nature strip turf and street trees.