How is Council reducing it's emissions?

    In April 2016, Council adopted a Renewable Energy and Emissions Reduction Plan (REERP) in order to meet the following targets:

    Coffs Harbour City Council will reduce its per annum corporate emissions (tonnes CO2-e) from 2010 levels by 50% by 2025.
    Coffs Harbour City Council’s energy use will consist of 100% renewables by 2030.

    The process started in 2013 with Council’s adoption of the Climate Change Policy and review of its Greenhouse Action Strategy, resulting in the adopted organisational targets. 

    The REERP outlines a framework for implementing, monitoring and reporting on renewable energy and emissions. It took 12 months to compile and involved the development of Council's emissions profile, preparation of a corporate emissions reduction and renewable energy plan, and prioritisation of actions that will yield the largest emission reductions per unit cost.

    Stage one of the REERP is now underway and involves significantly reducing consumption with a range of energy efficiency measures such as switching to LED lighting and installing solar PV systems at Council-owned sites. Sites identified for solar PV include both high energy consuming sites such as water reclamation plant and the regional airport, and smaller sites such as libraries and community centres.

    Keep an eye out for more updates as Council progresses through this exciting and ambitious project.

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    How does Council promote Sustainable Living in the Coffs Harbour LGA?

    Our Living Coast: In 2009, three Councils on the Mid North Coast – Coffs Harbour City Council, Bellingen Shire Council and Nambucca Shire Council formed an alliance to work together with residents towards a more sustainable region. 

    The objectives of the Alliance are to:
    ·  To improve biodiversity and sustainability outcomes;
    ·  To increase the community’s ability to achieve environmental improvements and conserve biodiversity in urban areas;
    ·  To improve the three Councils’ response to sustainability;
    ·  To build and strengthen local and regional partnerships for better environmental and sustainability outcomes.

    Our Living Coast provides an online sustainable living hub for the Coffs Harbour, Bellingen and Nambucca Council areas. Here you can find out about local events and news, get great tips to inspire you to live sustainably and enjoy a happy, healthy and rich life. 

    The website provides a portal for promoting Council events and programs and links to online bookings to these via Eventbrite.  We also welcome broader community to submit their sustainable living themed events and activities for publication and promotion. We also publish a monthly online newsletter with pertinent sustainable living articles and information about upcoming events as well as maintaining the Our Living Coast Facebook page for a similar purpose.
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    Living Lightly Program consists of a series of sustainability themed workshops for the community. These workshops are delivered through a partnership with the Coffs Regional Community Gardens and Coffs Central, optimising the expertise of all organisations. 

    Workshops focus on all aspects of sustainable living including water and energy efficiency, waste reduction, improving biodiversity, backyard food production and repurposing every day, every home item as a way to extend the life of resources and minimise waste. 
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    Green Schools Grants and Sustainable Schools Network: The annual grants program provides grants of up to $2,000 to Coffs Harbour schools, preschools and childcare centres to assist them in engaging students and school communities in hands-on projects that raise environmental awareness and result in improvement in biodiversity, water use, water quality, energy use and resources and waste minimisation.

    The Coffs Harbour Sustainable Schools Network (SSN) is a forum facilitated by Coffs Harbour City Council for teachers and educators from local High Schools, Primary Schools, Preschools and Childcare Centres to meet and discuss environmental sustainability ideas, projects and opportunities for their schools and school communities.  The network meets four times per year (once per term). 
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    Ambassadors Tours: An innovative and award winning program developed in collaboration with National Parks & Wildlife offering free guided tours of our local natural wonders to community members and tourists alike providing environmental sustainability information & inspiration.  Delivered by a team of highly trained, passionate and knowledgeable community volunteers.
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    Understanding do I find out more?

    Coffs Coast Waste Services: Coffs Coast Waste Services provide waste collection to over 40,000 residents on the Coffs Coast. They also operate the free recycling drop off facility at Englands Road Coffs Harbour. 
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    MidWasteMidwaste is a voluntary organisation of Councils located on the Mid North Coast of NSW focused on improved waste management and resource recovery.
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