What if I have already have a liscence agreement in place with Council for footpath use?

Prior to 1 July 2018, businesses wanting to use the footpath for trade had to first complete different paper forms and submit to Council in person and pay associated fees. The new online registration replaces this process; which means all businesses within the LGA need to register to transition to the online system. It's easier than ever to register to use the footpath for FREE!

How do I claim my refund for footpath use?

Some businesses have already paid fees to Council for using their footpath for trade. To claim this back, businesses must REGISTER ONLINE to initiate the refund from Council.

What do I need to do to use my footpath for free?

1. Register online with Trading Places

2. Ensure you have current adequate public liability insurance

3. Agree to and comply with the Trading Places groundrules; ensuring public safety, access and passage at all times

What rules do I need to follow?

Commonsense and public safety prevails at all times. Where possible, keep 2m centre of the footpath clear for safe pedestrian access. Do not place items such as signage, umbrellas, merchandise or tables etc. in the middle of the footpath or create an obstacle course. Read through our guidelines and activation ideas for more inspiration. Business as usual compliance for footpath use remains in place.
  • Council reserves the right to withdraw a registration at any time for misuse of footpath space or non-compliance – there are still rules and guidelines in place

How do I register and book to busk?

Buskers and street performers still need to register online to be eligible to busk in the Coffs Local Government Area. There are designated spaces in the CBD, Woolgoolga and Sawtell which can be booked by buskers once they have registered online. Once you register online, you will be sent a link to access the booking calendar so you can manage your own bookings.

Can I use the footpath to fundraise for my community group?

There are dedicated spaces in the Coffs CBD (City Square), Woolgoolga and Sawtell available for local not-for-profits, service organisations and community groups (sport and recreation, cultural, social, schools etc.) to book for fundraising, awareness raising, education and other activations. Eligible groups must register online first. We will then supply you to a link to access our booking calendar to book the space, date(s) and time(s) you want.   NOTE: PAID COLLECTION AGENCIES ARE NOT CONSIDERED AS 'ACTIVATION' AND WILL BE EXCLUDED FROM REGISTERING AND PARTICIPATING

What is the Easy to do Business Initiative?

Easy to do Business is a free service (delivered by Service NSW) for business owners that offers:Business concierges – personalised support and step-by-step guides tailored specifically for your business.How-to Guides – online information to help you understand government licensing, approvals and regulations.My Business Navigator – an online tool that guides you through what you need to do.Easy to do Business tackles the time, complexity and duplication issues that you can face when starting or growing a business in NSW. Find out more: Open or grow a cafe, restaurant or small bar

Where do I find information about service of alcohol?

Liquor and Gaming NSW

P: 1300 024 720
(Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm)