What is Place Score?

Place Score is a ‘place experience’ measurement platform consisting of two ground breaking tools: Care Factor Surveys, capturing what the community values; and PX Assessments, capturing place performance by allowing the community to rate their own neighbourhoods.

What is Care Factor?

The Care Factor Survey acts as a ‘place census’ guiding the community through a series of questions about the characteristics of their ‘ideal neighbourhood'. 

What is PX Assessments?

PX Assessments give the community the opportunity to rate their own neighbourhood revealing what is contributing positively or negatively to their experience. It’s a performance measurement tool that produces quantitative, comparable and actionable data. Face-to-face surveying will be completed at different locations across the Local Government Area throughout November.  

Why is community involvement important for the survey?

Council is in frequent consultation with the community so they can better shape the places they live, recreate and work. Community involvement is fundamental to identifying and articulating what the community feels is important, what matters and what needs improvement in our towns, villages, places and precincts.  The outcomes of this process will provide council with the data we need to prioritise our key focus areas.

What will the outcome be?

Council is committed to creating places where the community wants to live, connect and work through Placemaking initiatives. Findings for key places and precincts across the whole Local Goverment Area will provide several Council departments with an integrated platform for diagnosing problems, identifying priorities and measuring change. A high Care Factor and low PX score can be considered priorities, while those with both a high Care Factor and high PX can be celebrated.

How can I get involved and have my say?

The survey will be available to complete online from 2 November - February 2019 via this site. During this time, we anticipate student volunteers from Southern Cross University will also be canvassing different locations across the LGA conducting face-to-face surveys with the public. Council will aim to promote these opportunities (but they are subject to student volunteer availability and change).

Where can I take the online survey?

Click HERE to complete the survey now!

How do I find out which precinct I live in?

Click on the map of the Coffs Harbour LGA (link below). When the map appears, you can do any of the following:

  • Zoom to your area and see the label, and also look at the polygon colour in the layer legend;

  • Zoom to your area and use the Identify Tool to get the results for that area (which includes the name);

They could do an address search to get to their property (probably the best way), and then look at the label, legend, or do an Identify to find your area.