What is the purpose of the Planning Proposal?

    The purpose of this Planning Proposal is to update Schedule 5 (Environmental Heritage) of Coffs Harbour Local Environmental Plan 2013. The Planning Proposal aims to consider listing the First Sikh Temple located at 6 Hastings Street Woolgoolga as a local heritage item.

    The proposed listing would apply to 6 Hastings Street Woolgoolga - Lot 2 Section 35 DP 759113.

    Why is this place considered to be historically significant?

    The First Sikh Temple is the earliest example of a purpose built Sikh Temple in NSW and provides strong evidence of the wave of migration from Punjab to Northern NSW in the 1940s as a result of the Partition between Pakistan and India.

    The temple is an outcome of the concentration of Sikh settlement in the area and the development of a strong Punjabi community in Woolgoolga, Coffs Harbour and the North Coast of NSW. It is a demonstration of the congenial relationships between long term Woolgoolga residents and the newer Punjabi arrivals and is reflected in the make-up of the organising committee for the building and funding of the temple. The temple is an outward expression of the desire of the Sikh community to fit into their chosen home and the culture of Australia.

    The First Sikh Temple provides evidence of the strength of the North Coast Sikh community which has been holding ceremonies at the temple since it was opened in 1969. It is of special significance to generations of Sikhs descended from the first Sikh settlers in the area in the 1940s and is representative of the North Coast Punjabi community aspirations to have a Sikh place of worship and community focus.

    Has the NSW Department of Planning and Environment endorsed this LEP Amendment for public exhibition?

    On the 16 May 2018, the NSW Minister for Planning, determined under section 3.34(2) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 to issue a Gateway Determination so that the proposed amendment can proceed and authorised Coffs Harbour City Council to exercise its delegation to make this Plan (as amended). In accordance with the Minister’s determination and Council’s resolution, the Planning Proposal is now publicly available for Community Consultation.