Were there any changes to the Planning Proposal and/or associated documentation as a result of the second public exhibition process?

All documentation was adopted by Council as publicly exhibited with the exception of Coffs Harbour Development Control Plan 2015 (Amendment No. 4), which comes into effect when the corresponding changes to Coffs  Harbour Local Environmental Plan 2013 are made. The DCP Clause D4.3.2 Design Requirements – Dual Occupancies (Detached), Requirements Item 5, was amended (one addition as shown underlined) to read:
Dual occupancy (detached) must be designed and sited in a way that:
supports retention and supplementary planting of setback buffer areas;
o  minimises native vegetation removal (including for bushfire protection);
o  is responsive to the topography and other land-based constraints;
o  does not create adverse drainage impacts; and
o  does not result in visual and privacy impacts

What is the purpose of the Planning Proposal?

The purpose of this Planning Proposal is to amend Coffs Harbour Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013 to permit (with Council consent) dual occupancy (detached) as a land use in the RU2 Rural Landscape zone.

The Planning Proposal will:

  • Permit dual occupancy (detached) dwellings in the RU2 zone with Council consent; and
  • Set out consent considerations for development of detached dual occupancies in the RU2 zone to address matters such as access, siting, land suitability and potential impacts (refer to page 4 - Part 2 - Explanation of Provisions - Clause 4.2E of the Planning Proposal document for consent considerations and requirements); .

This will provide for an additional form of rural housing for rural land owners that when correctly implemented should have limited negative impacts on horticulture, agriculture and other rural land uses.

The Planning Proposal will not:

  • enable the subdivision of any resulting additional dwelling from the original allotment (unless all lots comply with the minimum lot size map ie. any new lots created and residue lots are to contain a minimum of 4o hectares of RU2 Rural Landscape zoned land each).

Which lands will the Planning Proposal apply to?

It is intended that the Planning Proposal will apply to all land zoned RU2 Rural Landscape under Coffs Harbour LEP 2013.

What are the objectives of the draft DCP?

The draft Coffs Harbour DCP 2015: Chapter 4.3.2 provides guidance to applicants about the siting, design and circumstances (including best practice buffers and avoiding rural conflict) in which it will be acceptable to erect a detached dual occupancy on land zoned RU2 Rural Landscape. The requirements of the draft DCP aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • To ensure that development for the purposes of dual occupancy (detached) is of a scale and nature that is compatible with the primary production potential, rural character and environmental capabilities of the land,
  • To maintain the rural character and scenic amenity of rural land,
  • To reduce rural land use conflicts with adjacent land uses (particularly horticulture).